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Udex is a reputed custom clearing agency and we are prominent custom broker, Pakistan being our registered location for operating. Offering seamless freight forwarding services for logistics at international level is our prime forte. Quality reigns supreme as the values in our company. At Cargo Engines, we never compromise. Even the smallest issue is of equal importance to us. Be it our overseas, national or local clientele prompt service with assurance of quality makes us one of the preferred custom brokers in Pakistan.

Udex is Custom agents for Pakistan and to many other worldwide destinations, established since 1981 and are known for their excellence in service and fair price trading, so you know that your always getting the right service at the right price.

Udex has many years of experience in the Custom clearing service as well as air cargo services, money transfer, passport and visa services. If your struggling with excess luggage and cant find a solution then contact Cargo Enginesimmediately, they offer services specifically designed to suit your every need from airport to airport through door to door.

We have special rates for air cargo service to Pakistan, India and dubai. Feel free to ask us about any other country as we can deliver worldwide including Europe, Australia, America and UAE.

A cargo Air agent would also help in assisting in keeping good records for the total amount of shipment, weight, sort, and dimensions. They actually run a virtual ‘misplaced and found for’ inventory. The agent would then keep tabs on the exact condition of the cargo is in.